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2. Okt. Mit dem Oktober wird vermutlich auch die spannendste Zeit des Jahres eingeläutet: Halloween! Auch in World of Tanks erwartet euch im. Mittwoch Uhr Der jährige Comedian startet im Februar. 3. März Um auf den World of Tanks-Event-Kalender zuzugreifen, klickt auf das Symbol „ Event-Kalender“ rechts in der Seitenleiste der Homepage. The usual stuff they do around the holidays. Sign In Email address: Kebabsaurus Rex 2 Posted 03 October - Minimum speed of 25 km max 65 km. Less bouncing shoots and better gundispertion. Get the game Rizk Race Winners - Rizk Online Casino Promotions – December 2016 free! Hit sub wn8 highest wn8 Is tanks going to be around in ? Tankatar 23 Posted 04 October - More veteran players will leave. Tankatar 39 Posted 06 October - Community Forum Software by IP. Addicted2Pron 36 Posted 05 October - Kettenraucher79 11 Posted 13 December - Am FV prallt einiges ab Spezialangebote Diskutieren. World of Tanks se siente entusiasmado a. Wenige Traditionen sind so perfekt, um einen in die richtige Laune zu versetzen, wie der Adventskalender! Abrik 13 Posted 13 December - Rückt an Halloween an die Dunkle Front! T Rudy Premium-Laden Diskutieren. Bauernwalze 06 Nov Neue französische Fahrzeuge rollen an Hauptnachrichten Diskutieren. Was ist euer Rekord im Sammeln von grüner Materie? September einen Eagle 7 eSports Diskutieren. Der Schöne und das Biest: Kettenraucher79 14 Posted 13 December - Auf YouTube ansehen Started by Community, 05 Oct 1 2 3 4.

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► The Future of World of Tanks: WG ideas for 2018-2019 - New Tanks, Nations, Skills, Maps & More Started by Community, 05 Oct 1 2 3 erfahrungen mit elitepartner. The Gods are gone. Edited by Trogi27, 13 December - Schlacht um Saipan Teil 2 Hauptnachrichten Diskutieren. Der Hinterhalt wird nun korrekt zurückgesetzt, wenn die Gruppe besiegt wurde.

More hideous tanks at that. Tankatar 23 Posted 04 October - SaltyMcD 24 Posted 04 October - I made this exact same prediction for The game will be around as long as its profitable Hope Berlin and Great Wall come back.

Scorpion pass in the original big shape. Minimum speed of 25 km max 65 km. Less bouncing shoots and better gundispertion.

I think everyone has missed the big one, and with the player count steadily dropping I can see this happening mid ' Non-premium players will get ads added in their garages.

Pick a tank and have to watch the latest Prius or ED ad for 30 seconds. Don't want ads, you'll be forced to buy premium time. Brute Bassie 32 Posted 05 October - More incompetence and ignorance of WGCB.

More frustration of the player base. The end of WoT Console. SteelWarriorSoul 33 Posted 05 October - More merc prems, more drop in player count.

FinlandRed 34 Posted 05 October - Addicted2Pron 36 Posted 05 October - So glad I stopped spending money on this game a long time ago. In the past I loved spending money on this game.

Once I finally realized that they did not listen to their customers I stopped spending. The tanks are very expensive and for what many of them cost I am buying full blown awesome games.

The merc tanks were originally an awesome idea until they went with the cheesy franken tank route. Nerfing tanks that were not even close to being OP proved to me that the lights are on but no one is home.

They just couldn't give us what we wanted even though we were throwing money at them every chance we got. WG you have one last chance to save this game but it will take radical changes and at this point you have nothing to lose.

Ya I realize this will never happen which means they get what they deserve and so do I for sinking so much money into this game.

SaltyMcD 38 Posted 05 October - Maybe the game has hit rock bottom? What else can they do to make it worse? Anyone else want some Kool-Aid?

Black RL 3 Posted 03 October - For PS4 call the priest. Gotta catch them all! John Arrowsmith 4 Posted 03 October - War stories and proving grounds will be dropped to fill normal mm with bots.

Any tank that's used by players with more than half a brain cell will be Nerf'd. Merc tank specific maps. VKSheridan 5 Posted 03 October - Tankatar 8 Posted 03 October - TocFanKe4 9 Posted 03 October - Is tanks going to be around in ?

Mid , Peak populations on each server will top out at around to players. Most of the nonbpeak hours will be 7v7s.

Other than that Nada Sbornaja 11 Posted 03 October - Read back in January is gonna be a Great year for world of tanks.

AleTieCan05 15 Posted 03 October - With the guidelines for wrecking the game that they so strictly follow, we're all just here without life support waiting for the final breath.

I will say I did have alot of fun and met alot of great people in game and here on the forum. It's just a shame they let a potentially epic game turn into an epic turd, just shows how good they are at their jobs.

KingTomatillo 18 Posted 03 October - They will nerf any tanks with their crap data into the ground even more then they are and introduce more stupid god damn merc tanks that hardly anyone buys.

I forsee them still not listening or communicating on upcoming changes as before and ever increasing gold prices on new premium tanks.

I predict a tier 8 new premium tank to be around gold by end of with ever more powerful guns and armor. FuzzySquirrel21 19 Posted 03 October - New premium tanks are released weekly and this is probably because they are struggling to keep the lights on at this point.

Bad decisions and bad directions led this game to its death. Hit sub wn8 highest wn8 Yolo my way to FVb 4. Unfortunately the only game I play and love is dying a slow death.

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Started by Community, 23 Oct 1 2 29 replies 1, views binmaa10 26 Oct Load more topics. World of Tanks 6 de noviembre a las Sign In Email address: Trogi27 16 Posted 13 December - Was braucht es aber, um einen so spannenden Soundtrack zu kreieren? Community Forum Software by IP. Neverwinter HP Neverwinter Gateway. Panzerbomber12 10 Nov Das solltet ihr nicht verpassen! Polnisches Schwergewicht schlägt erneut zu Spezialangebote Diskutieren. Bereits jetzt einer der beliebtesten Tracks von World of Tanks! Palaguide ist fertig und kann dann verschoben werden. World of Tanks se siente entusiasmado a. Ja ich habe natürlich voll gute Laune Kunst Darstellungen Screenshots Video Soundtrack. Vorsprung für den polnischen Forschungsbaum Hauptnachrichten Diskutieren. Bewegt den Mauszeiger über ein Event, um dessen Beschreibung zu lesen: Zubehör von Konix und eine Verlosung Hauptnachrichten Diskutieren. Wir sind dabei zwei neue Fahrzeuge zu testen. Niemand hat vor, bvb anstoß Tunnel zu bauen Aufträge für Regentage European Blackjack Turbo – Play European Blackjack Online by Community, 05 Nov 1 2 3. Oben an der Paypal email bestätigen im Oktober:

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